25 March 2013

The deep roots of a translation business

Word Assets is at once a dream come true and a work in process - a fantastic place to be and a magical ongoing ride. I started learning English when I was 8, French when I was 10, German when I was 14. I just loved languages as a tool and a gate to a million things I was passionate about: travelling, communication, culture in the broadest possible sense of the word.

The Spanish child who learnt languages became the teenager who travelled, and stayed a while. By age the of 25 I had spent periods of six months or more in five countries, including seven years in Britain and a year in France. I learnt a lot along the way, studied politics and economics, enjoyed writing, became a journalist, moved to Argentina... but I never stopped learning languages. I read, I listened, I translated.

Translation was a tool of my trade as a journalist, and it was also a challenging, fun hobby. I translated two books. And suddenly I was ready for more.

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